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Know about Hay day hack? What is it? How is it useful?

Every day, exciting games are being launched online which are entirely compatible with both mobile phones and your computer screens. One such game with a uniquely twisted plot is hay day. Unlike those major genre of games like horror or action, this one Is a farming game which first made its presence in 2013. It is majorly compatible with mobile platforms, and it even depicts great graphics and intense levels. In the game, a lazy uncle, hands over the farm to you where you need to grow the crops and end up doing certain prescribed tasks. However, to clear out these levels, you definitely need to learn the hay day hack.

The game is highly addicting and has gained huge popularity amongst masses. It is similar to various other farm games which launched in the recent years. But when it comes to addiction, the major thing which clicks your mind is the level of challenges that the game possesses. It is a pretty obvious fact that challenges bring huge excitement and thrill, thus, to clear out these challenges and win the game effectively, the individuals have to make the use of hay day hack.

What are hay day hack and cheats?

In the world of this game, you are thrown into a vast farm where there are no chances of growing the crops quickly. Moreover, there are various challenges through which you need to protect your field and grow the crops. The scarecrows that are there in the field might teach you the process of growing crops on the farm, but that isn’t enough to complete the levels. So what can you do next? Well, if you expect your farm to grow efficiently without any failure, then you need to achieve certain diamonds and coins which are considered as hay day hack.

How do these tools effectively help you to fulfill the task?

Your success in the game is determined by the availability of these resources and also through the effective use of these coins and diamonds. These two items act as the major tool when it comes to purchasing of the resources and undertaking the challenges within the game. All the players start their game with just 350 hay day coins, and these are really insufficient for you to complete the task. But with the help of hay day hack, you can easily buy-

More farm items and products along with some items stored in the store

Buy certain products from the other platters

Unlock the mine and fish lake

You can even speed up your task and can buy decorations for the field in your game.

Apart from these two, the hay day hack also brings several efficient items for you like the gift cards and vouchers. These hacks will ultimately let you win the intense levels of the game along with keeping sufficient resources to use Later in the other levels of the game. Thus, for all those individuals who find certain difficulties in playing this amazing game, and for all those, who are beginners, the hay day hack is the perfect solution for them.

How to Find Homescapes Resources Online the Right Way

If you are looking for Homescapes hacks or tutorials, tips, tricks, cheats and the like, you probably are having a tough time. You’re probably stepping into one rabbit hole after another and coming out either empty-handed or with less than satisfactory information. Make no mistake about it. Finding the right Homescapes resources online can be quite a challenge because there are just so many pages offering such resources.
You have to know how to look as well as how to filter whatever results you get. This is the best way to find the right kind of resources at the right time for the right purpose. Otherwise, it would feel that you’re just basically chasing your tail and failing to accomplish much of anything.

Figure Out What Resource You’re Looking For
The first step is to figure out what exactly are you looking for. Are you looking to figure out how the Homescapes game works? Do you need resources for gameplay as well as background information on the company or the game itself? If this is the case, make sure you look for background info. Look for easy-to-understand, compact, short information that simply steps you through the gameplay of Homescapes.

Are You Looking for Tricks and Cheats?
On the other hand, if you already know how to play this game but are having a tough time making progress, then you should look for a completely different type of resource. You’re not looking for background information. You’re not looking for tips and tricks on how to play it. Instead, you’re looking for advantages. This is where cheats, Homeshack and other resources come in.

Please understand that this is quite different from simply learning how to play the game or becoming aware of the different parts and levels of the game. If you’re looking for an advantage, you need to look for free coins. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. As you already know, if you’ve been playing the game for quite some time that each level gives you some coins. You need this coins to progress in the game. At the very least, you need this coins to get you out of a sticky situation.

You can find yourself stuck in the game and unable to make further progress because you have blown through your coins. Similarly, you might be aware that there are hard parts and easy parts with the game and you just made a strategic miscalculation and you’re stuck. Whatever your particular situation is, use Homescapes hacks to get the free coins that you need to get out of those sticky situations, so you can quickly punch through the easier parts of a level series and then use the coins again when you get stuck again. That’s how you use resources for this game the right way.

It’s one thing to figure out how it works, it’s another to actually have a strategy that would ensure that you would complete the game sooner rather than later. It’s a lot of fun but it’s very easy to get frustrated because there are just certain levels that, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to get out of.

Learn the Strategy as You Go Along
What makes this game really challenging is that the strategy really unfolds as you play. It’s not imposed from the outside. It’s not something that you bring in. It’s something that you figure out as you go along. Think of it like real-time strategy. As you play the game and as you get used to it and accustomed to the patterns, you can see what works for you. You can see which methods produce the most results as far as you are concerned. Stick with those and make sure you are very economical with your coins and chances are quite good that you would do quite well in this game. It’s enjoyable but it can definitely get quite frustrating if you get stuck.

Problem Shooting with SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is to build a good city with good infrastructure, good services and specialization buildings As the Mayor of the city, providing the basic needs of the citizens is a duty to be fulfilled. If the citizens are happy with the city, they pay taxes, which are the main source of revenue for the city. If the citizens are unhappy, they abandon their buildings and leave the city. If they are happy, they bring in new friends into the city and the population of the city increases and the tax collected increases proportionately. But, the Sim citizens have some need or the other and the mayor has to constantly meet these needs. The ultimate aim of the Mayor is to take care of the citizens needs and generate income through some source or the other. While fulfilling his tasks, the Mayor keeps facing problems. A few tips on trouble shooting will help the Mayor fix these problems.

  1. Adequate Services

The residential buildings should have sufficient Services. Services such as police, fire, power, water, waste management, etc., have to be provided sufficiently. The mayor will have to provide sufficient units of each Service for that residential area. As the city expands, the citizens need for Services would also increase.

  1. Colors on Services

Power, Sewage and Water are provided through cables and pipes and are represented through colorful lines. Emergency vehicles such as Police and Health are shown as green blocks. An efficient Mayor can easily scroll through the various Services by tapping on the yellow areas to monitor the services and see if they are sufficient for the residential areas. The Service Buildings are found as a bar at the bottom. Information about these buildings can be viewed on tapping on it. The Mayor has to keep a check on the information provided and tackle any problems associated with it.

  1. Stinky Buildings

When the pollution level increases in an industrial building, it will emit a brown glow, which will create a dirty radius. Sometimes, houses come under this radius and citizens get sick or will have to live under a stinky environment. In such cases, the buildings will have to be kept at a distance. You can build beforehand, a complementary building. But you also require reaching a certain population level, to unlock this building. The Mayor should make provision for such buildings to keep the citizens happy. The buildings can be demolished or moved and a new Service building can be installed. To demolish a building, the bulldoze icon can be used, which is on the right side of the screen.

  1. Roads

If the road networks are not good, Services cannot be provided. Emergency vehicles cannot move on the roads. Pipes and cables may get cut off. If this happens, the buildings will turn red. Immediately, the Mayor has to check if the roads around the red buildings are connected and check for blocks. Sometimes, the capacity limit of these Services may have exceeded. Such matters have to be given priority and looked into immediately. All residential buildings have to be connected to roads.

  1. Intersections

The roads will have to meet at intersections. If a road remains unconnected with another, you can draw another road, to connect them. Sometimes, mini-roads will not connect buildings. In such cases, the buildings should not be facing such mini-roads. Intersections are mainly used to regulate traffic and to provide easy facility for transport. Such intersections should always be carefully watched, as any problem at these intersections, will create much traffic, chaos and stand-still of vehicles.

  1. Expansion

If the expansion of a city is too quick, the service buildings will not be sufficient for the city and citizens will start moving out. In such cases, the process of expansion should be dropped and the buildings already existing should be upgraded, instead of adding new buildings. Only by building up Simoleons and getting proper taxes from citizens, can adequate Service be provided to the city.

  1. Simoleons

Each process in SimCity BuildIt game requires money which can be obtained by using simcity buildit cheats. With much Simoleons in hand, the process of manufacturing raw materials, the process of crafting commercial goods and providing Services and Specializations will become easier. The Mayor has to wait patiently to raise the Simoleons through good trading activities and by collecting taxes. He can also use the Online Generator to generate the required amount of Simoleons and Golden Keys to upgrade his city. All he has to do is provide his username and the quantity of currencies required. With the currencies generated the process of building the city, increases at a rapid speed.

How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

As video games become more popular and is more a video game developers develop newer games those developers require new and unique employees. It’s a dream for some hard-core gamers to work for a video game company while it’s a reality for others. The difference between the ones who live in their dreams reality and for the ones who continue to wish their dreams to come true is the fact that the ones living in their dreams reality actually did something about it. And when they failed they tried again and again and again until they succeeded.

However a gamer chasing the dream of working in the video game industry is not too far off from reality. There are websites like which bring the average user and industry experts both into the very real world of the video game industry finding those who seek to be a part of it. At gamasutra there is a tab for jobs/resumes which includes an incredibly detailed and long list for video game employers around the world to list job openings to those who seek to fill them. Major companies like Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft, Activision, Nihilistic Software, Relic Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2K, DICE, LucasArts, Silicon Knights, BioWare, THQ, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Bros Games, NAMCO BANDAI Games, Rockstar North, and Blizzard Entertainment all have real ads for hiring posted on gamasutra.

There are also possible up and coming game producing companies such as Longtail Studios, Next Level Games Inc, The Workshop, IMC, Koei, Kung Fu Factory, N-Fusion Interactive, Robot Entertainment, Serious Business, wooga, Psyonix, Bedlam Games, Blind Wink Games, Day 1 Studios, Insomniac Games, Monolith productions, Radical Entertainment, SGN, Shaba, SilverTree, Telltale, Tencent, Crazy Pixel Productions, Propaganda Games, Speak Unlimited, and the list goes on and on and on. Take advantage and apply for one of many positions these companies have to offer. In order to be a CSR or GM for many of these companies you don’t even need a college degree, just a passion for video games!

You can apply to work in Cinematics, Custom Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Operations, Marketing, Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Level and World Design positions and many more. So there you have it. There’s nothing holding you back from applying and eventually making it to an interview with one of these very professional and reputable video game industry companies. I believe you will find the environment of almost all their game industry companies very down to earth and relaxed, more so than most busy office place environments.

CityVille Hometown Unveils for IPhone/iPad Users- but is the Game Any Good?

When I first heard about CityVille Hometown’s release, I went straight ahead and downloaded the game on to my iPad, hoping that it would simply incorporate my Facebook game into this new game.
No such luck folks, you are beginning your new CityVille Hometown from scratch, which is a huge kick in the face is you were at some superstar level on your Facebook game.

Another downside of this newly released game, is that only some of your friends will be playing it, so you go from having (on your Facebook version of the game, 30 or 40 friends) a ton of friends, to maybe, if you are lucky, 3 or 4.

How Is The Game?

CityVille Hometown will be easy for pioneers of the original game to grasp right away, as it follows very similar methods. You start with a small town, and work your way up to creating a busy virtual city, bustling with businesses, homes, and residents.

Unlike the original game on Facebook though, this game has a newer in depth personal look into the lives of some of your residents. For starters they all have names, they will be assigned jobs, and they will ask you to complete certain goals.


Like the original game, you will start off with one friend whom you can visit. Her name is Kate. You travel to her town, and simply click at the top of the page to take a tour of her town. You will receive a bonus for doing so. However you cannot help her in any way.

In the original game you could help friends city’s by reviving dead crops, collecting rent from homes, or sending out tour buses to bring tourism to their businesses.

In Hometown, none of that exists, so visiting friends is relatively pointless, unless you really need a coin/energy boost.


I would have rather have seen my original city linked up into the new game, as Zynga did with Farmville. However for the game, as it stands now, it’s just mediocre. I do not see myself religiously going back to it to play. It will grow old fast, and I will just keep focusing in on my Facebook version of the game, which is more in depth, and a heck of a lot more addicting.

CityVille Hometown as of now, would get a 2 out of 5 stars from me. The game is relatively new, so hopefully they work on creating more addicting in depth game play.

A Guide for Gamers: Creating an Unforgettable Character

The game is finished. Nothing’s left but fond memories of the heroes and their adventures. Let’s see … there was the salacious paladin, chafed by his strict code of morality; the drunken cleric who dipped into the tithes for beer money; the half-orc bard who really thought she had a silken singing voice; and… and… some other guy. (I think he was a fighter.)
When your game comes to an end, how will your character be remembered? Will they be remembered? A lot of the fun of role-playing is the time spent reminiscing with your friends after the campaign winds down. When your character is colorful and interesting, they will make the game more fun for you and everyone else. Here, then, are some elements to use in making a character who will be remembered long after the gaming table is empty.

History. A fleshed-out character needs a good history. Where are they from? Why did they leave? What events happened early in life that shaped their attitudes toward the world? What makes them afraid, and why? What makes them proud, and why? Who do they want to emulate? Who do they despise? Are they of noble blood, or the child of a tradesman? What made them want to start adventuring? These are all good questions to ask yourself when thinking up a character concept. If you want to play a barbarian with a jagged scar running down his cheek, come up with the story behind that scar. If you want to play the follower of a god or goddess, come up with the story of how your PC was moved to follow that particular deity. Details such as these make for a more interesting, three-dimensional character.

Personality. You want a character who is a unique individual. Being a half-elf fighter will not make them a unique individual, no matter how crazy their mohawk looks, or how many tattoos they sport. You want a character with personality. How does your character talk? Does she have an accent? How does she treat other races and classes? Did a bard once run off with her beloved sister, leaving your character home alone with double the chores and a bitter hatred of musicians? Characters who grew up around horses might use parables that involve horses. Fishermen might compare their enemies to different kinds of sea creatures, such as, “He’s a real shark, that one,” or, “She darted away faster than a minnow.” Having a detailed character history will be very helpful for coming up with diverse personality traits.

Goals. Every memorable character has a goal, whether it be to avenge a wrong, collect as many golden idols as possible, or to make smoked jerky from all the exotic creatures of the realm. When playing your character, do something that furthers their goal at least once per gaming session. Whenever the party meets someone new, have your PC ask them for information about the goal. Gather clues that point toward the goal. Remind the party that you might be following along for now, but reaching the goal is still the most important thing. Have your PC take it a little harder than usual when something pushes them farther from their goal. Try to strike a balance; you want your PC to be skewed without being completely obsessed (unless that is your desired concept). Make sure they have other strong qualities as well, or else you might turn your character into a caricature.

Behavior and Motivations. A character who is motivated by love will behave very differently than a character who is motivated by wealth, or by revenge, or by insatiable curiosity. Ask yourself what motivates your character to get up every morning and keep adventuring. What personal reward do they get from it? Behaviorally, your character should be consistent without being static. The others in your group should have an idea of how your PC will react to a given situation (i.e., positively or negatively), without being absolutely certain about the details (i.e., smashing his fist into the wall and starting a bar fight). You want your PC’s behavior to be familiar, without being too predictable. This keeps things fresh, keeps your character interesting, and makes it all the more dramatic when your PC behaves in an uncharacteristic way.

Quirks. Small but unusual details can make a character unforgettable. Dragonlance fans might recall that Otik was the master of spiced potatoes, or that Dalamar had icky chest wounds that wouldn’t heal. What sets your character apart? Perhaps she’s secretly (or not-so-secretly!) afraid of the dark. Or maybe she’s obsessed with cleanliness and constantly picks lint from her friends’ garments. Does she say things out loud without realizing it? Does she get startled by sudden noises? If you need some help coming up with unusual character traits, look at Table 4-24 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It lists a hundred traits for fleshing out NPCs, but works just as well for PCs. Roll randomly (if you dare), or just choose a couple that you think would be fun to role-play. Some of the most memorable characters I have ever played with were also some of the quirkiest.

It takes a bit of time and effort to create an unforgettable character. But when you’ve finished, and your character breathes life into the game, you will know that it was time well spent.

Grand Theft Auto IV: A Video Game Review

It was a long anticipated game. GTA IV. Everyone was waiting for it to come out, not knowing what to expect.

Here is a short run down of it.

Graphics/Audio: Wow, these were a lot better then most people expected. Although, if you play on an HD TV, it makes it that much better. If you are playing on a standard TV, then expect the normal graphics you get with most games. Although, it does look very good. Playing on a HD TV, the graphics are pretty amazing. This one is hard to talk about since it mainly depends on the console and/or type of tv. 20/25 because it depends on tv and console.

Gameplay: The gameplay is absoultely stellar! Running around, stealing cars, shooting people, doing whatever you want. Taking tons of risk. Especially if you get the inifinte ammo cheat codes, then you never have to worry. Aside for cheating, there are two basic types of gameplay: Missions and Free Play. Doing Missions unlocks more cars, guns, safehouses, games, new places, and much more. Free play is basicall runing around doing whatever you want. They are both very fun, and one could possibly do both for hours.25/25 because you get hooked on the suspensful gameplay.

Creativity: This was one of the worst parts about the game. Just your basic GTA theme, nothing really new except the city and characters. I think they could have introduced more stuff into the game. Not much else to say except that it is the standard theme. 10/25 for effore, but failure.

Fun: This one also ties into gameplay. It is an amazingly fun game, and one could get hooked for hours. There is no better feeling then doing whatever you want, and having this much fun. I highly suggest you try this one out, and it is great. If anyone thinks that this is a boring game, they must not have played it yet.. 25/25 for success!

Conclusion: A great game, nonetheless, except it could use minor improvements. I look forward to the next GTA, and hope it comes with changes. Overall score is 80/100, with Graphics/Audio and Creativity bringing it down. Maybe they will read some of these, who knows. We can only expect change.

On a side note to my review, remember that it is my opinion. Also, the gameplay and styles will most likely vary with the type of tv, and what console the game is played on. This guide is based off of the Xbox 360 version.