CityVille Hometown Unveils for IPhone/iPad Users- but is the Game Any Good?

When I first heard about CityVille Hometown’s release, I went straight ahead and downloaded the game on to my iPad, hoping that it would simply incorporate my Facebook game into this new game.
No such luck folks, you are beginning your new CityVille Hometown from scratch, which is a huge kick in the face is you were at some superstar level on your Facebook game.

Another downside of this newly released game, is that only some of your friends will be playing it, so you go from having (on your Facebook version of the game, 30 or 40 friends) a ton of friends, to maybe, if you are lucky, 3 or 4.

How Is The Game?

CityVille Hometown will be easy for pioneers of the original game to grasp right away, as it follows very similar methods. You start with a small town, and work your way up to creating a busy virtual city, bustling with businesses, homes, and residents.

Unlike the original game on Facebook though, this game has a newer in depth personal look into the lives of some of your residents. For starters they all have names, they will be assigned jobs, and they will ask you to complete certain goals.


Like the original game, you will start off with one friend whom you can visit. Her name is Kate. You travel to her town, and simply click at the top of the page to take a tour of her town. You will receive a bonus for doing so. However you cannot help her in any way.

In the original game you could help friends city’s by reviving dead crops, collecting rent from homes, or sending out tour buses to bring tourism to their businesses.

In Hometown, none of that exists, so visiting friends is relatively pointless, unless you really need a coin/energy boost.


I would have rather have seen my original city linked up into the new game, as Zynga did with Farmville. However for the game, as it stands now, it’s just mediocre. I do not see myself religiously going back to it to play. It will grow old fast, and I will just keep focusing in on my Facebook version of the game, which is more in depth, and a heck of a lot more addicting.

CityVille Hometown as of now, would get a 2 out of 5 stars from me. The game is relatively new, so hopefully they work on creating more addicting in depth game play.

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