Common questions related to 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is an online game and is like mini billiard. You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices. It is a motion sensor game, and you can use the stick for aiming. It is a popular game which millions of players are playing. It has basic rules like that of original pool. You can watch more video tutorials for learning new tricks. But every player faces some issues while playing the game. So here in this article, some of the unanswered questions will be answered.

Queries related to 8 ball pool

Coins: People ask may times why their coins are diminishing even after using some 8 ball pool cheats? So you will have to check whether your Auto-recharge is turned on or not. After this, you will have to check the menu of cues and tap on the cue which you own. Now a menu will pop on the screen as a slider. Then you can easily disable or enable this Auto-Recharge option. During disabling you will have to slide the option, and it will become red.

Profile Picture: Many players want to add their profile picture to the game’s profile. Here you won’t be able to add any profile picture, but you can use any picture from the social networking site.

Pool Shop: Not everyone knows how to pool shop. Well, you can purchase table frames, pool cues, chat phrases, patterns or pool cash. You can also get cash and pool coins.

Practice: You will have to spend 25 coins for practicing in offline mode.

Resource: You will have to log in to the app every day for getting daily rewards. You will get free resources by spinning the wheel and also unlock the mystery boxes. After 30 minutes you will get an added 25 coins by tapping the option available on the home screen. You can watch the short advertisement for earning more coins. And every time you level up, you will get one Pool cash.

These are the few questions which strike the mind of every player. For more queries, you can directly contact them. You can also opt for more generating tools for winning the matches. Resources are a vital part of this game so make sure that you are not spending them unnecessarily. Learn the different cue tricks to make the game handy. And there will be a constant guide that will support you in almost every shot.

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