Getting a Blackberry for Cheap: Where to Look and How to Purchase

As the iPhone threatens to take-over the smart phone world some manufacturers and retailers are joining forces to see that it does not happen, at least not so easily. Blackberry, the quintessential smartphone manufacturer, and retailers are offering up some of their most expensive phones at seriously discounted prices so those who have yet to sign onto Cingular for the iPhone goodness of it all have other options to explore before jumping on the bandwagon.

The Blackberry Pearl is RIM’s smallest and sleekest smartphone. It comes in a variety of colors and packs a real punch in a small package. The phone is perfect for the professional who is not looking to take up much space with an over-sized cell phone and the good news is the phone, once priced over $300 with a new contract can be grabbed for significantly less. Verizon Wireless is offering up the silver Pearl for $79.00 with a 2 year contract. The pink Pearl can be scooped up for the same price at the online Verizon site., an online phone and plan retailer, is offering up the Blackberry Pearl for free when a new contact is initiated. Consumers also have the ability to set up more than one line at the same time via the site and can snag two Pearls for free. It’s a great deal, however Wirefly does take some time to process the order and the process can be a bit spotty for some. It’s worth a shot for a free phone though.

The Blackberry Curve is one of the company’s most powerful devices. Packed into a sleek titanium casing users get the internet, video and music, phone capabilities and the ever-necessary e-mail function. Last year the Curve was retailing for around $500 without a two year contract and about $350 with a two-year contract.

Consumers who are interested in the Curve might want to check into Amazon’s cell phone section. The online mega-retailer is offering up the Curve, in red, for just .01, yes that’s right one PENNY when it is purchased with a 2 year contract through AT T.;

To get new contracts Sprint is offering up a number of Blackberry phones at rock bottom prices. The Blackberry 8830 can be had for just $219, a discount of over $200 and the Curve is available for just $99 with a two year contract.

If a consumer is looking for a blackberry without locking into a new contract they will be paying a good deal more than some of the discounted prices offered to new contracts. Ebay is the best place to go for a phone for cheap without a new contract, especially when it comes to Blackberries.

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