Grand Theft Auto IV: A Video Game Review

It was a long anticipated game. GTA IV. Everyone was waiting for it to come out, not knowing what to expect.

Here is a short run down of it.

Graphics/Audio: Wow, these were a lot better then most people expected. Although, if you play on an HD TV, it makes it that much better. If you are playing on a standard TV, then expect the normal graphics you get with most games. Although, it does look very good. Playing on a HD TV, the graphics are pretty amazing. This one is hard to talk about since it mainly depends on the console and/or type of tv. 20/25 because it depends on tv and console.

Gameplay: The gameplay is absoultely stellar! Running around, stealing cars, shooting people, doing whatever you want. Taking tons of risk. Especially if you get the inifinte ammo cheat codes, then you never have to worry. Aside for cheating, there are two basic types of gameplay: Missions and Free Play. Doing Missions unlocks more cars, guns, safehouses, games, new places, and much more. Free play is basicall runing around doing whatever you want. They are both very fun, and one could possibly do both for hours.25/25 because you get hooked on the suspensful gameplay.

Creativity: This was one of the worst parts about the game. Just your basic GTA theme, nothing really new except the city and characters. I think they could have introduced more stuff into the game. Not much else to say except that it is the standard theme. 10/25 for effore, but failure.

Fun: This one also ties into gameplay. It is an amazingly fun game, and one could get hooked for hours. There is no better feeling then doing whatever you want, and having this much fun. I highly suggest you try this one out, and it is great. If anyone thinks that this is a boring game, they must not have played it yet.. 25/25 for success!

Conclusion: A great game, nonetheless, except it could use minor improvements. I look forward to the next GTA, and hope it comes with changes. Overall score is 80/100, with Graphics/Audio and Creativity bringing it down. Maybe they will read some of these, who knows. We can only expect change.

On a side note to my review, remember that it is my opinion. Also, the gameplay and styles will most likely vary with the type of tv, and what console the game is played on. This guide is based off of the Xbox 360 version.

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