How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

As video games become more popular and is more a video game developers develop newer games those developers require new and unique employees. It’s a dream for some hard-core gamers to work for a video game company while it’s a reality for others. The difference between the ones who live in their dreams reality and for the ones who continue to wish their dreams to come true is the fact that the ones living in their dreams reality actually did something about it. And when they failed they tried again and again and again until they succeeded.

However a gamer chasing the dream of working in the video game industry is not too far off from reality. There are websites like which bring the average user and industry experts both into the very real world of the video game industry finding those who seek to be a part of it. At gamasutra there is a tab for jobs/resumes which includes an incredibly detailed and long list for video game employers around the world to list job openings to those who seek to fill them. Major companies like Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft, Activision, Nihilistic Software, Relic Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2K, DICE, LucasArts, Silicon Knights, BioWare, THQ, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Bros Games, NAMCO BANDAI Games, Rockstar North, and Blizzard Entertainment all have real ads for hiring posted on gamasutra.

There are also possible up and coming game producing companies such as Longtail Studios, Next Level Games Inc, The Workshop, IMC, Koei, Kung Fu Factory, N-Fusion Interactive, Robot Entertainment, Serious Business, wooga, Psyonix, Bedlam Games, Blind Wink Games, Day 1 Studios, Insomniac Games, Monolith productions, Radical Entertainment, SGN, Shaba, SilverTree, Telltale, Tencent, Crazy Pixel Productions, Propaganda Games, Speak Unlimited, and the list goes on and on and on. Take advantage and apply for one of many positions these companies have to offer. In order to be a CSR or GM for many of these companies you don’t even need a college degree, just a passion for video games!

You can apply to work in Cinematics, Custom Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Operations, Marketing, Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Level and World Design positions and many more. So there you have it. There’s nothing holding you back from applying and eventually making it to an interview with one of these very professional and reputable video game industry companies. I believe you will find the environment of almost all their game industry companies very down to earth and relaxed, more so than most busy office place environments.

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