Problem Shooting with SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is to build a good city with good infrastructure, good services and specialization buildings As the Mayor of the city, providing the basic needs of the citizens is a duty to be fulfilled. If the citizens are happy with the city, they pay taxes, which are the main source of revenue for the city. If the citizens are unhappy, they abandon their buildings and leave the city. If they are happy, they bring in new friends into the city and the population of the city increases and the tax collected increases proportionately. But, the Sim citizens have some need or the other and the mayor has to constantly meet these needs. The ultimate aim of the Mayor is to take care of the citizens needs and generate income through some source or the other. While fulfilling his tasks, the Mayor keeps facing problems. A few tips on trouble shooting will help the Mayor fix these problems.

  1. Adequate Services

The residential buildings should have sufficient Services. Services such as police, fire, power, water, waste management, etc., have to be provided sufficiently. The mayor will have to provide sufficient units of each Service for that residential area. As the city expands, the citizens need for Services would also increase.

  1. Colors on Services

Power, Sewage and Water are provided through cables and pipes and are represented through colorful lines. Emergency vehicles such as Police and Health are shown as green blocks. An efficient Mayor can easily scroll through the various Services by tapping on the yellow areas to monitor the services and see if they are sufficient for the residential areas. The Service Buildings are found as a bar at the bottom. Information about these buildings can be viewed on tapping on it. The Mayor has to keep a check on the information provided and tackle any problems associated with it.

  1. Stinky Buildings

When the pollution level increases in an industrial building, it will emit a brown glow, which will create a dirty radius. Sometimes, houses come under this radius and citizens get sick or will have to live under a stinky environment. In such cases, the buildings will have to be kept at a distance. You can build beforehand, a complementary building. But you also require reaching a certain population level, to unlock this building. The Mayor should make provision for such buildings to keep the citizens happy. The buildings can be demolished or moved and a new Service building can be installed. To demolish a building, the bulldoze icon can be used, which is on the right side of the screen.

  1. Roads

If the road networks are not good, Services cannot be provided. Emergency vehicles cannot move on the roads. Pipes and cables may get cut off. If this happens, the buildings will turn red. Immediately, the Mayor has to check if the roads around the red buildings are connected and check for blocks. Sometimes, the capacity limit of these Services may have exceeded. Such matters have to be given priority and looked into immediately. All residential buildings have to be connected to roads.

  1. Intersections

The roads will have to meet at intersections. If a road remains unconnected with another, you can draw another road, to connect them. Sometimes, mini-roads will not connect buildings. In such cases, the buildings should not be facing such mini-roads. Intersections are mainly used to regulate traffic and to provide easy facility for transport. Such intersections should always be carefully watched, as any problem at these intersections, will create much traffic, chaos and stand-still of vehicles.

  1. Expansion

If the expansion of a city is too quick, the service buildings will not be sufficient for the city and citizens will start moving out. In such cases, the process of expansion should be dropped and the buildings already existing should be upgraded, instead of adding new buildings. Only by building up Simoleons and getting proper taxes from citizens, can adequate Service be provided to the city.

  1. Simoleons

Each process in SimCity BuildIt game requires money which can be obtained by using simcity buildit cheats. With much Simoleons in hand, the process of manufacturing raw materials, the process of crafting commercial goods and providing Services and Specializations will become easier. The Mayor has to wait patiently to raise the Simoleons through good trading activities and by collecting taxes. He can also use the Online Generator to generate the required amount of Simoleons and Golden Keys to upgrade his city. All he has to do is provide his username and the quantity of currencies required. With the currencies generated the process of building the city, increases at a rapid speed.

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