Some of the fighting strategies in Free Fire Battlegrounds

For long gamers have developed themselves a lot in strategic fighting that can stay till last in the Free Fire Battleground Hack fromĀ But each day a newcomer gets in to fight and enjoy the adventure of the battleground. After dropping from the plane the player would try to get inside a building where they will find lots. Of course, if anyone else had already been there earlier than the building would be empty. Always keep a close watch on the screen. At the top right corner, a list will show the loot.

How to click and use the loot

To get the loot which can be an armor or weapon you need to click on the marked loot button. At the beginning, when the player is without any weapon, the first find would be equipped automatically. Otherwise, a fighter can be equipped with a primary and secondary weapon at the same time. In addition, he may carry a sidearm. Depending upon the situation the fighter needs to switch between these arms. The stock of weapons is very important that grows with loot. The inventory of loot can be opened by clicking on the bag icon that one can find in the middle left part of the screen. Suppose a fighter wants to change his weapon, then he should first open the inventory and select a particular weapon by clicking on it.

Tricks to collect weapons

Of course, a good collection of weapon would be beneficial for the fighter. But too much of it will spoil the purpose. As while switching on to another weapon the player can select a wrong weapon and perish before time. So do not be a storekeeper of weapons rather a fighter must be selective in making the inventory of armor. So, to smartly change your armor and attack your enemy you must not load with unnecessary weapons.

How does Bluestacks give an extra edge?

If the player is using Bluestacks then the battle would be easier. If the fighter is fighting with a sniper rifle, then on a right click aiming screen would appear or the fighter may locate the scope. Aiming at the head should be your first target, as it does the most damage to your enemy. It can be remembered that equipped with armor may give the fighter some protection too. A fighter should never be frightened to die in any combat. Each new battle would make the fighter more skillfully to move ahead on the battlefield.

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